The course is taught in English, therefore information is provided in English only. This course will review the postmodern period in fiction written by writers from the United States of America. The postmodern period will be defined as beginning around 1965. The end of the postmodern period is a debate that we will address in class, however, many think that the current time is no longer properly described as "postmodern". There are many examples of interesting, innovative literature produced in the U.S. during this time. This course will directly address only a few of these texts due to time constraints. The postmodern period also included the rise of the importance of "theory", both theory and criticism specific to literary studies and social theory/philosophy applicable to the wider society. This course will provide an introduction to "postmodern theory" as a necessary contemporary to the fiction produced during the same time. Four main primary texts will be addressed: three novels and one group of short stories. Selected theoretical and critical readings will also be required. All the readings will be addressed in class meetings to aid understanding.