“Introduction to religious thinking” (IRT) course aims to introduce students to basic differences between secular and religious type of thinking. Religious thinking will be presented and described further on example of Christianity and its theology. Students will be equipped by basic terminology enabling them to get orientation not only in this course but in other related courses as well. Despite of that, students will be able to reflect better on societal debates about religion and gain basic overview about main ways of religious thinking. What does it mean to be religious? What type of thinking is connected to religiosity? How is this different to secular type of thinking? What is the role of the sacred and the profane in human lives? What is the meaning of secularization? These and similar questions will be discussed in the IRT course. We will be discovering religion in lives of the people and societies. We will learn to reflect on its presence among people and within various societies enriched by reading relevant literature, discussing topics of the course in classes and meditating contemporary challenges connected to the plural characteristic of the world, situation of global migration, clashes of civilizations and world religions encounters.